What the industry are saying about the S1 Shin Pad…

What our customers are saying about the S1 Shin Pad…

They dont move around so you forget they are there. I normally have to reach down and adjust them quite a few times during games or training but I haven’t had to touch them once. Tape is uncomfortably and sometime if you have taped it to tight it hurts your calf. The base that is measured to fit means it moves with you. You can wash the base too which takes away the horrible smell!! Thank you so much S1 sports I can now concentrate on my game and never have to worry about my shin pads again.

Mack Allan

u12 AFC Bournemouth Academy Goal Keeper

After 4 long seasons it was time for me to get a new pair of shin pads, and of course I went straight back to S1s. I can not recommend these enough, I should have really got a new pair every season but once I like something I use them over and over until really they can not be used anymore. The only real reason I purchased a new pair was because the ladies at my club have now noticed they are the same pair of shin pads and laugh, but to be honest they are still usable.

They are very strong which benefits me as I am a defender and the fit around the calf is great. To top it all off they can also go in the washing machine!

Hayley West

Lewes Ladies’ First Team defender

Have to take a moment to reinforce what you will surely read about S1 products – they are the highest quality safety gear for soccer players. Based on our coach’s recommendation my teenager purchased the ankle guards and, after many battles on the field where she walked away unscathed, became the envy of her teammates. 

Megan Sweeney (Massachusetts/USA)

I’ve worn the S1 Sport system since the Women’s World Cup in 2007 and it is the best protection system I have ever worn. They are really comfortable and I don’t even need tape to keep them in place. I no longer get shin pad rash or smelly pads, the sweat doesn’t get stuck between the pad and my leg, the whole system is washable and you just wipe the pad clean.

Casey Stoney

Chelsea & England International

We’ve been buying these shinpads for our boys for a couple of years now. Really like the detachable liner as our youngest suffers from eczema so very important to be able to wash regularly, beyond that they offer good protection, they’re comfortable and fit well – can’t ask for much more. This season, youngest will be playing u12 in N Wilts Youth League, JPL and for Swindon Town Advanced Development Centre, oldest will be playing U15 N Wilts Youth League.

Paul Davis

“I am the Principle and Consultant Osteopath at a large established multi-disciplinary practice in Colchester, Essex. We treat a wide variety of musculo-skeletal conditions with a special interest in sports related injuries. I recently had the opportunity to review the new prototype design shin protection pad for Football Players. I would like to comment on its unique design and concept for prevention and protection from injury. The concept is quite unique. I particularly admire its versatility and lightweight quality material construction. I believe Professional Footballers will benefit from the flexibility and easy application. The design allows personal adaptability to fit each individual lower leg shin. I also believe its support may provide a degree of anti-drag and load surrounding the shin compartment muscles, by reducing friction on the surrounding fascial tissues. This will help prevent shear type compartment syndrome injuries (a condition commonly associated with this particular sport) by balancing distribution load and de-compression of biomechanical forces. My opinion is that this is a valuable support and protective aid and I admire its simplicity of design and concept.”

Michael R. Clarke

BSc (Hons) Ost, DO - Registered Osteopath

“We are proud to be associated with the S1 Sport Shin, Ankle & Achilles protection system. As a Centre of Excellence we are committed to the safety and education of our players. It truly is a revolutionary protection system which our players have shown great satisfaction in wearing.”

James Astle

Centre Director, Wolverhampton Wanderers Girls Centre of Excellence

“It’s so nice to have a shin pad that you can wash after every match. They’re comfortable, safe and hygienic. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to teammates and friends.”

Polly Fildes

Senior Football Development Officer, Birmingham County Football Association

“We have been extremely impressed at Colchester United Ladies FC with the S1 Protection Sytem. After a number of our senior and youth players trialed the system they all wanted a set. With not only the comfort and convenience of the system but also most importantly the superior injury prevention the product offers, we have recommended the system to all of our Centre of Excellence, Academy and Senior players and I am sure a good number of them will be wearing S1 this season.” 

Kevin Anderson

Director of Female Football, Colchester United Community Sports Trust

“I have been wearing the S1 Sport shinpad and achilles protection system for the past two seasons now and I could not ask for better protection. They are light and comfortable and I know that they will protect me in any challenge. The S1 system has helped me take my game to the next level and stay injury free.”


Lauren Asquith

Northern Ireland Under 17, Hull Centre Of Excellence