The S1 Ankle & Achilles Protector

The S1 Ankle & Achilles Protection System:

•  Ultra thin  • Made of a super soft neoprene
•  Can be worn either under or over a sock



The foot and the leg move independently of each other so the S1 ankle & achilles protection system fits separately to the S1 shin guard system to allow free and independent movement of your foot and leg.

It also gives you the freedom of choice for the perfect size selection as legs and feet come in all shapes and sizes. The majority of ankle pads available today do not have achilles protectors nor do they have solid but unrestrictive protection discs for the ankles. As well as this, they are nearly always made of a cloth type material with thick corded rib at the base which can rub inside the boot.

The S1 Ankle & Achilles Protection System is ultra thin and is made of a super soft neoprene (the same type of material used for making diving suits) and can be worn either under or over a sock. Not only does the neoprene help provide additional compression support for the joint but it also means that we have been able to eliminate the corded edges on both the top and bottom of the pad therefore minimising the possibility of foot abrasion, blisters etc.

We have provided maximum protection for both the inner and the outer ankle bone and achilles. For the ankle, we have inserted free moving (floating) protector discs, sewn inside the pad for maximum comfort and most importantly, a dual achilles protector with built in impact absorption on the outer surface as well as on the inner surface to provide maximum protection. 

As with the shin pad undersection, the ankle and achilles pad is fully washable.

S1 Ankle & Achilles Protection fitting guide

1. Hold the pad from the top on either side and apply a light stretching motion to loosen the material.

2. With the S1 protector facing the floor, pull the pad over the foot and heel until it “pops” over the heel and onto the upper foot/lower leg area.

3. Move the ankle protectors into position over the ankle bones making sure that the pad is completely flat and fitting comfortably. At this point the S1 ankle & achilles protector should automatically be in the correct position.

4. Finally, make sure that when you fit your boot, trainer etc. you do not move the pad out of position.

When wearing directly against the foot, make sure the foot is dry for ease of fitting. When fitting from new, the neoprene will always feel tighter in the same way as new boots.

“Provides maximum protection for both the inner and the outer ankle bone and achilles.”