The S1 Shin Guard

Enjoy the full benefits of the S1 shin guard, follow our tips and advice.

• Lightweight  •  Protective  •  Hygienic  •  Comfortable



To enjoy the full benefits of the S1 shin guard, follow the 5 simple fitting steps...

1. Remove the S1 shin guard from the undersection

2. Open up the undersection and at a point just below the knee-joint and towards the top of the calf muscle, stretch the undersection around the leg until it is comfortably firm (but not too tight) and join the top 2 Velcro tags together at the back of the leg.

3. VERY IMPORTANT – stretch the undersection downwards until it is flat against the leg making a light tension in the undersection.

4. Join the lower 2 Velcro tags together at the back of the leg.

5. Fix the S1 shin guard to the undersection in your preferred position and check for comfort and fit.

“Comfort and convenience with superior injury prevention.”