So, what makes the S1 Sport System so unique?

There are 6 key elements to the S1 Sport shin & ankle guard system:

• Health  • Safety  • Hygiene  • Player comfort
• Lightweight  • Maximum flexibility



With our exclusive Worldwide Patented products, problems such as shin pad eczema, rashes and abrasion, caused by traditional shin pads, are now significantly reduced.

How? Because the S1 shin pad has no direct contact with the leg, instead it is suspended on a completely permeable ultralight undersection that wraps around the leg.

This means that sweat passes straight through and does not get trapped between the shin pad and the skin, leaving the skin free to sweat and breathe naturally.

The good news is that not only does this mean the end of shin pad odour but also, because the pad and undersection are separate, the pad only needs to be wiped clean and the undersection is machine washable. For the player, our system is so light and comfortable that it doesn’t even feel like they are wearing pads.

Our undersection’s unique design makes tape a thing of the past as the pad will not move when properly fitted. Simply fit and forget. Not only does this save time and money, but more importantly it reduces the risk of restricting blood flow caused by applying tape too tightly around the leg.

The last abrasion point on a player’s leg is from Velcro. There is no practical substitute at present, so to minimise the contact area and provide maximum comfort, we have lined it with velvet. We have also sewn the ”male” Velcro to face outwards so that it hooks onto the sock to keep it in place. Because the S1 shin pad is separate from our ankle & achilles pad the whole pad and undersection can be removed easily if the player becomes injured. There is no need to remove the boot or any tape to take off. Finally, the player can wear just the undersection before playing, while warming up or training and as soon as they are ready to play, the pad can be fitted instantly.

“For the player, our system is so light and comfortable that it doesn’t even feel like they are wearing pads.”